Welcome to SmartHomeLab.net – a website for regular people looking to find understandable information about home automation trends and smart products.

Our Goal

Smart products are becoming more and more popular. Our homes are getting smarter. We can now use our mobile devices to completely control and monitor our home environment.

Here’s the challenge: It’s not an easy task to stay up to date with the latest products and trends when the technology is advancing so quickly.

During our search for knowledge about home automation on the web, we were having a hard time finding all the information we needed in one place, so our goal became creating a single website where people could find the answers to all their questions related to smart home.

A disclaimer: We are not professional HVAC installers. Any advice and tips we provide related to home automation and smart devices are purely based on our own research and experience.

Who Are We?

David Waller

The go-to guy for everything tech. BSc in Computer Science. Started the career as IT tech support, last three years working as a Computer Networks Engineer. Solar and energy efficient house freak. Planning to build his own solar-only passive smart home.

Jason Cannon

An Electrical and Computer Engineer.  Held a broad range of roles in IT industry. Experienced in Smart / Internet of Things / Connected Industry where he started as an engineer working his way up to a project manager. Linux enthusiast. Gadget geek. Problem solver.

Stay With Us

Remember that SmartHomeLab is a work in progress. We have released the website with only some of the content we eventually want to include – more quality content is coming!

While we’re working on new articles we encourage you to share your feedback, so please let us know if you have any questions, comments or ideas.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and ideas behind SmartHomeLab.

We hope you’ll find this website useful and informative.


David & Jason